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No matter what your contract cleaning needs, we can deliver.

A clean office and building promotes the right image to your customers and ensures a healthier working environment. At CleanMasters we play our part by developing an individual cleaning programme tailored to your individual needs.

Our cleaning service is tailored to each individual customer and can include a washroom cleaning programme with the regular stocking of paper products and janitorial stock. 

It can be a night or daytime programme that fits around your customers and staff, whatever your requirement we supply a service that is matched to your needs.

Key benefits of using CleanMasters:

  • We won't let you down
  • Tailored Programme for your needs
  • Back to basics customer service
  • Best pricing guaranteed
  • One stop shop

Contact us for further details or a chat: 0121 285 3358


Office cleaning is a core activity for CleanMasters Central and we offer a full range of services within the office environment.
Our daily cleaning service contracts are agreed with our clients with their requirements catered for and more. We can negotiate contract frequencies to suit, for example there may be a necessity for seven day cover or just three day cover, we can cater for all our client’s support requirements.
CleanMasters Central has a robust structure in place to ensure all our clients receive the required support they need, our team will respond to any practicable request or specific enquiry with the urgency required. All cleaning contracts are managed with regular management visits, supervisor inspections and each individual team is led by an experienced member of management with a service industry mindset. The purpose of the rigid management structure is to ensure all aspects of our service are supplied to the standard CleanMasters Central require
Other services provided include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general portering and building installation cleans.
If you require any services please call us